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Your Chance To Win 1-of-2 Alethea Personality Pods

First, I got a new logo/banner designed for my Youtube, really loving how it came out (they managed to perfectly capture how tired I usually look LOL)

Alright, on to the reason most people are looking at this post (p.s. there’s a TLDR at the bottom):

So, as I’ve mentioned multiple times before, I’m REALLY excited to see where the project will go. I’m so excited, in fact, that I want to give away 2 pods, which currently have a fluctuating floor price on Opensea of 0.12 – 0.18 ETH (proof that those that are selling them really don’t know the value of what they’re holding).

Why am I giving away 2 personality pods? Besides the selfish reasons outline below, I’m excited about the project. So excited that I bought myself a decent amount of lvl 1 and lvl 2 personality pods – and also won 2 pods from the Alethea team in giveaways and during the ALI CON 2021 trivia session.

I feel super blessed and lucky to have learned about this project early on, and I realize that the personality pods will be MUCH more valuable in the future (than the current floor price ), but I want to give back to my followers on Tiktok, Youtube, and Twitter – and what better way than to give away the things that excite me?

Alethea Pod Giveaway Guidelines:

Ok, so I’ll be honest – this giveaway isn’t entirely selfless: I’m doing this in an attempt to “equalize” my follower counts across Tiktok (my main content channel), Youtube, and Twitter.

The rules to win an Alethea pod are simple:

Each platform that you follow me on will grant you with 1 ticket for the giveaway. You have until Noon on Thursday (October 28th, 12PM Pacific) to follow me and fill out the Google Form that I set up for this purpose. At which time, I will take down the Google Form link and start transcribing the names into a format which I can use with the Random Wheel Picker for the actual giveaway. If you win a pod, your remaining entries will be removed to give someone else a chance to win a pod.

The google form requires an email address for 2 reasons – to prevent multiple/fake submissions, and to allow you to edit your responses if you find yourself needing to. That is the only purpose of the email address – I will be deleting the responses form after the giveaway is over.

If you don’t feel comfortable using this form, shoot me an email to with the subject line “ALETHEA GIVEAWAY” with the usernames for each respective platform.

Good luck to all!

TLDR/Quick Giveaway Rules Recap (for the lazy):

1 Entry per person (with 3 possible tickets) – be fair to others.

Follow me on Tiktok

Follow me on Twitter

Follow me on Youtube

Add your usernames for each platform into this Google form for 1 ticket for each submission

Do all this before Noon on Thursday (October 28th, 12PM Pacific).

I will be entering applicants into a list and will do a live stream at Noon on Friday (October 28th), recording it, and uploading the video to my Tiktok and Youtube afterwards to congradulate the winners.

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