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What You Need To Know About The ALI Token just announced their Token Distribution Auction on December 22nd 2021, so I wanted to do a quick run-down of how that will work, and what we can expect.

First, let me quickly recap what the project is about and who’s behind it.

What is (in Layman’s Terms) is a venture-backed company that’s pushing the boundaries of Crypto, NFTs, and AI. It’s going to be a major disruptor in the NFT Industry by binding those 3 aspects into AI Powered NFTs, which can interact, create, and [eventually] be brought into the Metaverse as NPCs.

I’m a big fan of tech and projects that pushes boundaries, and this project is definitely one of the ones that I’ve been the most excited for this year – while the current possibilities seem mind-blowing, there are possibilities and applications for AI Powered NFTs that we haven’t even begun to consider.

While Alethea’s list of backers/investors is a great indicator of how well received the idea is among bigger investors, the real indicator is the community that has grown around the project on Discord, Twitter, and other places.

It’s also worth mentioning how well Alethea team has treated the community that has been built around this project – with the current value of giveaways worth over $1million USD in level 1, 2, and 3 personality pods alone.

Alright, on to the token.

The ALI Token

On December 22nd, Alethea announced that they will be doing their ALI Token Distribution Auction using Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools and Copper Launch Platform to ensure a fair/open token launch, and giving it a period of 3 days for fair price discovery.

The Token Distribution Auction will begin on December 28th at 9am EST and continue until December 31st 9am EST, with 5% of total supply being sold off during this auction.

If you’re not familiar with the Copper Launchpad, all you will need is a Metamask and one of the 4 approved trading pairs / cryptos to be able to buy the ALI token: ETH, WETH, USDC, or DAI. More info and links to the purchase page will be announced before the auction goes live.

Let’s move on to the “fun stuff”.

Alethea’s ALI Tokenomics

The ALI Token has the following technical details:

  • Symbol: ALI
  • Name: ALI Token
  • Decimals: 18
  • Initial Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 ALI
  • Non-mintable: New tokens cannot be created
  • Burnable: Existing tokens may get destroyed
  • DAO Support (Governance): Supports voting delegation
  • Smart Contract: 0x6B0b3a982b4634aC68dD83a4DBF02311cE324181

The ALI Token is a fixed supply token which is deflationary in the long term, with a 10 Billion total supply, wit the following token distribution:

While the token itself may be looked at by some as a way to turn a quick profit, there are many use-cases to the ALI Token, including:

  • Enabling the creation of iNFTs
  • Upgrading the Intelligence Level of iNFTs
  • Used as a Governance Token of the iNFT ecosystem
  • Acting as a payment system between iNFTs and/or iNFT ecosystem participants
  • Acting as a reward for iNFT Ecosystem participants/innovators

ALI Token Vesting Details

One of the most important factors in investing in any project is the Vesting Schedule – this gives you an idea of how many ALI Tokens will be injected into the market after the Token Distribution Event.

So to summarize the image above, at the token distribution event, we will see the 500 million tokens unlocked from the auction, as well as an additional 750m Tokens from the other allocations.

So how am I going to proceed with this auction? I will probably allocate ~50% of the funds into the TDA and see where the price goes after the TDE in hopes of catching more tokens at a lower price when the private sale investors (hopefully) dump some tokens on DEXes.

Quick note: This article is in progress, more to come soon

meanwhile, feel free to check out the Youtube Video I uploaded about the TDA:

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