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The Quant (QNT) Network Overledger in Layman’s Terms

Token Name: Quant Network
Token Symbol: QNT
Token Contract Address: 0x4a220e6096b25eadb88358cb44068a3248254675
Token Website:
Uniswap Link:

Quant Network, in laymans terms, is a service that allows scalable cross-chain/platform/protocol collaboration in a safe and secure manner. Quant’s Overledger gateway is the first of its’ kind – allowing existing systems seamlessly work with each other. This enables a multitude of entities, companies, etc. to work together by connecting different types of blockchain technologies.

Why Quant is a Big Deal

Thanks to Quant, this means that different outfits can use a blockchain that works best for them without having to worry whether there will be issues with migrating or using that data with another system.

And the best part? Quant is able to do this by not actually interacting with any of the ledgers / blockchains that it’s connecting. This means that there are no extra complexity or points of failure when connecting the legers – which is where it gets the “OverLedger” portion of its name. This also simplifies the creation of Dapps and mDapps

This is the perfect (simplified) graphic to display how Overledger connects various aspects / blockchains. Credit: Coinbureau

Quant dApps & mDapps in Laymans terms

Dapps are “Decentralized Applications” – AKA applications that run on a decentralized network. mDapps are “Multi-DLT Decentralized Apps” – AKA applications that are able to run on multiple various blockchain ledgers.

Quant’s DLT (Distributed Ledger Gateway) Gateway allows for smart contracts to be written in any number of programming languages, even on DLTs that don’t support smart contracts natively.

Quant Network Overledger Conclusion

There is much more to cover, when it comes to Quant (and I will do so at a later date).

In Conclusion, the Quant Network Overledger is a really neat (and much needed) concept that tackles a very important aspect of widespread adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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