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Zombie Jr’s First Youtube Channel

not my typical kind of post, just writing this for friends/family as an update…

I feel it’s important to encourage and help my/our children to try things they’re interested in. Along those lines, my son’s been asking me forever to let him start a YouTube channel… I’ve been holding off on allowing him to start one so that I can explain the precautions he needs to take when putting stuff on the internet, but since I’m working from home today (and have a bunch of free time), I decided it’s time to make him a channel.

He’s still trying to decide on a name/brand for it, but I figured I’d link from here to there to make it easier for friends and family to find his channel – Here’s Zombie Jr’s Youtube Channel Link. I don’t want him to go by Zombie Jr (if only so that he’s not tied to the stuff I do) – I want him to create his own thing and go in his own direction.

Once he and I have a chance to shoot an intro video, I’ll show him basic video editing techniques and let him start working on content for it.

Intro video will be posted on this page as well.

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