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IOTA is Flying Under The Radar

With all the hype around NFTs, I didn’t even notice the bit of news about IOTA being awarded a (1 of 7) contract by the European Commission to implement the pre-commercial procurement, and to build on the work of the European Blockchain Partnership…

IOTA is 1 of 7 contractors awarded the work for the European Blockchain Partnership / European Commission, however, they are the only already-working blockchain solution. In my opinion, this puts them leagues ahead of the others.

Here is the list of the 7 contractors:

  • IOTA Stiftung
  • IOV42 Ltd
  • Stichting, Infocert Spa, Riddle and Co Gmbh
  • Orange Business Belgium SA
  • Chromaway AB
  • Billon Spolka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia
  • Westpole Belgium, Net Service Spa, Flosslab s.r.l

What’s that mean, and what is the scope of the work?

I’ll need to update this article once I’m not swamped with work, but it means that THE company that delivers on what the contract is asking for, would be working with the countries of the European Blockchain Partnership on use cases such as tracking and analytics of data, products, components, materials, etc. Essentially an EU Internet of Things.


Now, is IOTA a good investment? I can’t give financial advice, and since I personally ran across the news a little late in the game, I was holding off on buying some. However, with the markets in turmoil right now (basically down 20%-25% from yesterday), and without an idea of which way the markets will go in, I think I will start dollar cost averaging into IOTA.

This is not investment / financial advice. I encourage everyone to do their own research.

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