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What Is The Dextools DEXT Token?

Token Name: DexTools Token
Token Symbol: DEXT
Token Contract Address: 0xfb7b4564402e5500db5bb6d63ae671302777c75a
Token Website:
Uniswap Link: is an amazing website for researching and tracking new tokens, and having a specified amount of DEXT token in your wallet will allow you to use certain features not normally available to “standard/free” users.

I decided to buy some DEXT tokens to support the project (and have access to the premium content), but with the changes they’ve got planned in the future, I see this as a great investment – even if only to save money in the future by paying current price(s) for it.

Quick Overview of Dextools Features

If you’re unsure that you need the premium access to Dextools, the free version has more than enough information for someone just starting off:

Dextools Live New Pairs

The live new pairs option shows you the most recently listed tokens and allows you to sort them based on the columns. In the actions column, it provides easy-to-use links for Etherscan, Unicrypt, Dextools “Live” Data, and Uniswap direct link (if/when applicable).

Another (and one of my favorite) feature is the Contract Details column – this points out any red flags that the contract may have in it (see circled portion in the image above).

You also have the option to sort the columns in descending / ascending order.

Big Swap Explorer

The “Dextools big Swap Explorer” gives you a peak into large buy/sell orders, and how they affected the price of the respective tokens.

As you can see above, a 7.65 Ether worth of XCAD tokens was purchased, affecting the price by 2.253% – this is useful for seeing how “stable” a project is, or if there are huge buy/sell orders for projects you may (or may not) be aware of / interested in.

I personally don’t use this feature much, but it’s definitely interesting to see the amounts of money being moved into / out of projects.

Pair Explorer

The Pair Explorer portion of Dextools is my favorite feature. It shows you the live view of the token pair (for example WETH / DEXT) price, along with the trade history.

It also shows you other (equally important) information about the project, but I won’t go into too much details about those features in this post, since I’m working on a “Why You Should Be Using For Research” post (coming soon!), and will update the bottom of this post with a link to that article when it’s out.

Edit: The DexTools For Research Article is LIVE (Click here)

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