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Alrighty, time for an intro

Hi, My name’s Serge, but I go by MrZombie [online]. The name stems from my younger days (when I had time to play games), but stuck with me due to my workaholic nature and barely any sleep…

The goal of this (I dislike the word, but..) blog, is to share my thoughts (mainly for myself and a few close friends) on whatever it is that I feel like sharing.

Don’t expect much, don’t take anything personally, and DEFINITELY don’t take anything as financial advice. These are my thoughts and ideas – do your own research and verify everything.

Main focus of this (ew) blog (/ew) will be to share my thoughts and ideas on Blockchain projects – Crypto is getting more and more attention – with institutions *finally* realizing its’ potential.

I’m not talking about the potential for monetary gains, I’m talking about the benefits to using blockchain technology for things like supply chain logistics, forgery proof records, etc.

And with a ton of new people coming into the space, the amount of scams and shitcoins increases exponentially, and so I will start sharing my thoughts on decent projects, projects that look shady, and projects that I believe are worth further investigation.

So yeah, not much for an intro, but I’m not here to tell you my life story.


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