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What Is What is – A Deep Dive into the Alethea Intelligent NFTs

What Is and what is an intelligent NFT (iNFT)? I did a quick article and some videos about the amazing stuff that Alethea AI is working on a while back, and feel like it’s time to do a deep dive into what exactly this project is about.

What is is a company that’s working on connecting NFTs and Artificial Intelligence, in order to create interactive NFTs.

To do this, Alethea has created “Personality Pods”, which can be fused to an existing NFT to make it interactive (more on this below)

Why is Alethea a Big Deal?

While some may thing that a crypto punk that you can interact with isn’t revolutionary, I like to think about it differently. When blockchain technology first came out, you could do 3 things with crypto; send, receive, and store it. That’s the stage where NFTs currently are (essentially a store of value, nothing more).

However, when smart contracts were first introduced, it opened the flood gates to different possibilities with blockchain technology. Alethea’s personality pods are a similar catalyst for NFTs, as smart contracts were for blockchain technology.

Alethea’s list of investors shows that there are quite a few big names that think the same thing; not to mention the first ever iNFT selling on Sotheby’s Auction for a record breaking $478,000.

What Is an Alethea iNFT?

An iNFT is an interactive/intelligent NFT. In order to make an iNFT, you need to bind an Alethea Personality Pod with an ERC-721 NFT. Confused? Read on.

credit: Discord

You can think of the Alethea Personality Pods as a “connection” to Alethea’s Artificial Intelligence. Fusing (or binding) a personality pod to an existing NFT is equivalent to connecting your smart TV to the internet. Let me clarify.

Some NFTs have built-in uses, just like your TV, but when it’s connected to the Alethea Pod, the possibilities increase exponentially: Now, instead of only the “tv channels”, to use the previous example, you have access to many other possibilities, ranging from interaction to content creation, even to full autonomous artificial intelligence – depending on the intelligence level of your personality pod.

As you can see above, there are currently 5 levels of intelligence for the personality pods (with more to be voted on by the community in the future). The levels and capabilities are:

  • Level 1 – No abilities
  • Level 2 – Ability to Recite and Broadcast
    • Recite – allows you to upload any voice and get a video output featuring your iNFT speaking the words. The AI Algorithm matches the words to how they look when being spoken.
    • Broadcast – allows you to write a customized message which is then turned into a video of your iNFT speaking your customized message.
  • Level 3 – Interactive NFT Capability
    • Interact – allows you to interact with your iNFT in real time – making for some interesting conversations while your iNFT learns and improves its’ intelligence with each conversation.
  • Level 4 – Intelligence Mining and Generative Art Creation
    • Intelligence Mining – allows your iNFT to “compete” against other iNFTs and earn you rewards.
    • Generative Art – allows your iNFT to create generative artwork from its unique perspective and earn you rewards.
  • Level 5 – Autonomy
    • Allows your iNFT to execute complex commands and programs on-chain and off-chain.

How Do You Train an iNFT’s Intelligence Level?

On November 11th, Alethea will enable “staking” of the personality pods on the Noah’s Ark ecosystem (their website, for a period of 40 days and 40 nights. After the lock-up period is over, owners of the personality pods will be awarded Alethea AI Tokens, which are essential in training your personality pod’s intelligence level.

According to Alethea’s Discord Moderators, the staking period should yield enough tokens/credits to bring a level 1 pod to level 2, a level 2 pod to level 3, a level 3 pod to a level 4 intelligence. Each level requires more ALI tokens to be locked into the pod to increase its’ intelligence level.

What If I Have More Questions?

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask them using the comment feature below. Alternatively, Alethea’s whitepaper has an FAQ section that is full of useful information as well, so be sure to check that out!

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