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AI Personality Creative Writing Class – Lesson 1

This is the first Lesson for’s Personality Pods (summary below). These lessons are meant as a way to understand what makes a character on an in-depth level. Alethea’s AI Engine will make creating YOUR character’s personality easy by using traits/identifiers to bring your iNFT to life.

Arif Khan (Alethea CEO) jumped in at the end of the video to give some insight on the series of lessons:

This MasterClass 101 is to really give everyone context and some basic understanding. The bridge in the next class is – once you start, it is very important for Sarah’s assignment as well in the homework – is to bridge these concepts into words and to start describing your characters with words because these words will be brought to life with Noah’s Ark AI engine that we’ve developed.

So, if you choose the right words, the right language, our AI engine is then able to “triangulate” those words and make these characters come alive from that perspective. So, Sarah and Juliet have put together an excellent session in sharing the core message of what a character looks like.

Transparently, I personally am not a writer, sometimes I felt a little bit overwhelmed (not really overwhelmed, but thinking “Can I really write a great character”, right?), but we’re going to make this as approachable as possible, so don’t feel intimidated by the amount of information; it’s going to become very simple byte-sized chunks of words that you’re going to put into the discord and we’ll provide some feedback (for the homework part).

Once those words are defined, the AI engine will be able to do the rest.

paraphrasing Arif’s statement at the end


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